So then – should you want to get in touch with me, there’s a few options.

My comedy website is, that’s where I keep all my stand-up, voiceover and writing info away from football.

You can email me by clicking here, should you want to coerce me into coming to see your club – however big or small – or should you be interested in discussing anything to do with the blog in general. PLEASE LOVE ME! GET IN TOUCH WITH ME! PAY ME ATTENTION!

There’s my Twitter account which is full of stuff to do with comedy, football, wrestling and all kinds of other daft gubbins. Follow me on Twitter by clicking here.

Plus I’ve got a Facebook fanpage thingy which can be found by clicking here.

Most importantly, please tell people about this blog and the project in general. I’d be really grateful!

Oh, and of course you can buy the 2013/14 Season Review book for Kindle for less than £2 by clicking here. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Jim

    have just seen your article your visit to Bury. Its most excellent.

    Would you mind if I ‘used’ it in the Bury v Accrington Stanley programme next weekend, can also shove one in the post for you

    Gordon Sorfleet
    Press Officer
    Bury FC

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