The Football Neutral: Match Five – Hastings United vs Brentwood Town

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…fun to see at halftime were the noisy Hastings supporters who had take up residence behind the goal they were attacking in the first half… move to the other end for the second half.  And what excellent fans – clearly love their club, singing songs and getting into the game despite the lowly level and the small crowd.

It was interesting to see how many kids were at the game too, often with Grandparents.  From what I saw Hastings is an excellent place to take along a family, although you’ll have to explain the swearing to the little ones.  Not from the crowd, but from the players if the Brentwood lads are any kind of example.

The poor, frightened referee could barely settle in to the second half when he was forced to send off the Hastings number 6 for a two footed challenge.  It seemed feisty but not exactly evil, but the Brentwood players surround him screaming “fucking do something!” and “what the fucking hell was that” seemed to make the poor lad reluctantly pull out the red card to the chagrin of the home crowd.  Credit to the lad sent off though, he didn’t whine and merely trudged away.

The worst offender amongst the Brentwood lot for swearing was their manager, bearing in mind I could hear him and I was at least 50 yards away.  No wonder his team play a certain way if he’s their example.

Hasting sacrificed the tricky yet tubby (honestly, I’m thinner than him and haven’t played football for 10 years) Jordan Woodley for another centre back and Brentwood tried to push on.  Rolls and Love picked up bookings (the latter was wonderful, he seemed almost in tears as he exploded with rage, got booked, then carried on whining).

Hastings’ Pogue had worked hard and was brought off – to be replaced by the exciting young Brazilian.  First impression of Rodrigo Branco was that he needs to eat.  A lot.  Maybe take some off the plate of his fitness coach and Jordan Woodley.  There was a buzz around the ground, anticipation of the samba football that young Rodrigo would provide.

He received the ball for his first touch and he was all of a sudden clean through… he went to round the keeper and…

… fell over.

Everybody laughed.  Including Rodrigo, to be fair.  And we all thought that’s it, he’s obviously not very good.  Brentwood went up the other end and Steven Carvell pulled one back after a shot cannoned off the bar.  The man next to me nudged me and said “It’s like Guernsey all over again” which I presume he means a recent game, not some kind of bank heist he was involved in…

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3 thoughts on “The Football Neutral: Match Five – Hastings United vs Brentwood Town

  1. I think the perimeter of Hasting’s pitch used to actually be a speedway track, rather than track & field stuff.

    Anyway, back to the non-stop sex I get for knowing arcane non-league facts.

  2. No, it was a running track, briefly used for speedway – one year only I believe, stopped due to the neighbours complaining about the noise.
    A Hastings & Millwall Fan.

  3. That’s absolutely right, my dad was working for the legal firm which represented the local residents who campaigned to get the speedway stopped. Both he and my mum were gutted when they succeeded! Nice article though, thanks.

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