The Football Neutral: Match Ten – gap Connah’s Quay Nomads vs Newtown AFC

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…Everyone queuing in front and behind me was younger than me, wearing a Nomads shirt and seriously enthusiastic.  I felt rather excited at this point, knowing that a club with an attendance record of just 688 can attract such fanatical fans, especially those with their whole football watching lives ahead of them.  Even better, the concession price of just £3 will encourage the under 16s to come along for as long as they can.

Into the ground and seeking out food, instead of a heavily sponsored concession stand there was a window.  Inside the window was a nice lady in her forties.  She dispensed hot dogs and tea from various metal containers, with a smile on her face and whilst having to deal with the clumsiest flirting I’ve ever seen from the two middle aged chaps in front of me.  See this example:

HER:  Here you go lads, two hot dogs.

MAN: That’s what she said!

OTHER MAN: (winks)


I liked that the club shop is a table, staffed by a youth.  Must do a decent amount of business though, as most people were wearing a club shirt or hat.  Some had scarves which were black and white, confusing me for a long time until it was explained to me that the club changed their official colours this season.  The rise of Macron as a shirt maker continues to grow, and the Nomad’s kit is pretty nice as far as I’m concerned.  To be fair, as is Newtown’s away shirt (it may be one of my favourites I’ve seen in ages) – when both teams took to the field it looked like an Italian lower league game.

I sat in the stand (there’s only the one) and after realising you can’t see half the pitch if you sit on the front row and moving back to the second, the teams came out and the noise began.  The gaggle of youths behind me had a couple of drums and banged them enthusiastically whilst about twenty or so kids sang along.  I don’t know how it compares to other Welsh league teams, but with an attendance of only 176 the percentage of singers was pretty high.  Even better that none of the songs contained swearing, especially after my c-word based annoyance in Bournemouth last week.  Well done you kids….

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2 thoughts on “The Football Neutral: Match Ten – gap Connah’s Quay Nomads vs Newtown AFC

  1. ….”The corporate sponsorship of Welsh teams is a little odd, but bear in mind that they do have live games shown on S4C and there’s a chance of the sides playing in Europe…”
    Jim – financial necessity on average crowds of less than 200 paying £3 – 7 a head and no £ from WFA.
    Saying that – not many Scottish teams at same level have a corporate adage..
    Great account – shame you didn’t mention the 30 x Vikings

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