The Football Neutral: Match Thirty Three – Sheffield United vs Leyton Orient

2014-10-11 14.10.17

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…We then headed for the wrong turnstile, poked our tickets around in the automated barcode readers for a bit, and then were pointed in the direction of the turnstiles we actually needed.  It seemed very busy, and the Kop looks like a “proper” stand from the outside, stairways snaking up either side of it.  It holds over 10,000 over one tier, making it one of the largest “Kop” ends in the country.  The street behind it has a few chip shops and the like on it, and they were ridiculously busy with queues winding their way out of the door and down the road.

Once in the stadium, I grabbed a burger (which wasn’t too bad) and because it was oddly warm, didn’t have a Bovril (just 7up for me).  Tony had a pie and a coffee, but then we walked up the steps towards the seats and found a chip shop up there.  Obviously Eddy had chips and mushy peas, but did have to return them once because they were cold.  I admire him for bothering to do that; I’m the sort of weakling who would just sit there and put up with my cold chips, try and coat them in the peas to work as some kind of mashed-vegetable type blanket.

The chip shop had a “sauce station” across the way from it with all the condiments that you would want.  Most were in little sachets, but there was a massive bottle of Henderson’s Relish there as well, a very localised speciality.  I only know of it because I used to work with a lad from Chesterfield and he had to have it on EVERYTHING.  It’s like a cross between brown sauce and vinegar and Worcestershire sauce and magic.

The Kop end is massive.  Maybe it’s because of the trip to the tiny confines of Coalville, but it really is a great stand in a Premier League level stadium.  Already boisterous when we arrived, the louder and more enthusiastic Blades are concentrated towards the back of the stand and the centre, whilst we were further down and towards the corner.  The playing surface looks great these days too, I remember it always being a bit boggy back in the day…

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