The Football Neutral: Match Thirty Seven – West Bromwich Albion vs Gateshead

2015-01-03 14.49.45


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…On my walk I spied a few interesting things:

A: A bakery.  I didn’t see this first, I smelled it.  And it smelled AMAZING.  When I was very little, we lived near to a bakery and it will remain my favourite smell for the rest of my life.  From the outside the building looked deserted, but clearly someone was in there making up bread and the like.  I wanted to go in and eat all of the bread in the world, partly because of the aroma and partly because I’m not meant to eat bread on account of me being a delicate flower.

B: A UKIP Car. I don’t just mean a car with a bumper sticker on it, I mean a car parked up next to the main road with UKIP posters in every single window as an elderly couple handed out flyers from the driver and passenger seat to anyone that looked like they would be receptive to such a piece of paper.  I am relieved that as I approached they both averted their gaze and left me alone.  Incidentally, the car was most definitely illegally parked, which is probably the fault of immigrants somewhere along the line.

C: Bloody Half Scarves. For a WBA vs Gateshead FA Cup tie. COME ON! I didn’t see anyone buy one, and rightfully so. Someone’s Gran lost her thumbs knitting them so her grandson could try and turn a profit. PROPER FOOTBALL FANS HATE THESE BLOODY SCARVES!

D: The old WBA supporters club.  Now run down and boarded up, presumably as there are newer facilities in the ground, it’s still a magnificent old building and I bet it was a great place to be way back in the day.  One of my favourite things about visiting Ajax was their amazing looking old-school supporters lodge that they still use.  Let’s bring stuff like that back, yeah?…

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