The Football Neutral: Match Thirty Nine – Bath City vs Staines Town

2015-01-17 14.47.49

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….Bath isn’t too far a drive from Bristol, and Twerton Park is on the outskirts.  My regular trips to Bath to perform at Komedia have taught me that there is no parking anywhere in the city, so arriving at the ground and finding that the club has two car parks AND street parking in abundance was a bit of a pleasant surprise.  The two official car parks are slightly odd though; you can choose to park in one where you pay a couple of quid, or park in one right next to it for free.  You know which one I chose, and there didn’t seem to be any discernible difference.  I imagine on busier days that it would be of more benefit to pay to park, of course.

I entered through the turnstiles and walked straight onto an awesome terrace.  Most of the stadium is standing, and it really reminds me of watching games when I was a lad.  Twerton Park feels like a stadium from the lower leagues in the 1980s that has been preserved perfectly in a time capsule.  The side that you enter on has a main stand with seats and standing, then the other three sides are all standing.  There’s a food stand as soon as you walk in and I grabbed a burger from there.  And WHAT a burger.  One of the best I’ve had in ages, and certainly the best I’ve had this season.  I tweeted how great it was and several fans agreed with me – both from Bath and elsewhere.

There’s a pretty good view from every part of the stadium, so I wandered round to the large covered terrace on the opposite side.  I thought a roof would be in order as it looked like rain, and then when I got round there I was treated to one of the most spectacular views in football.  From my vantage point you could see most of Bath, meaning I’d have something to look at if the game wasn’t the best.

Bath have a mascot.  He’s a large pig – I didn’t catch his name – and he walks around the terraces before and throughout the game.  He doesn’t mess about doing stuff to entertain little kids (the crowd being more mature than at bigger clubs, at least from what I could see), and is clearly a huge fan of the club doing his duty for his team.  Maybe it’s a different person each game?  That would be a pretty sweet deal, forcing people to do it like jury duty.

Before kickoff it seemed that the pitch was the widest one that I’ve ever seen, but that could just have been a side effect of the view playing tricks on my depth perception.  When the teams came out I couldn’t help but notice that Staines have done what many a non-league side has done and got themselves a Macron shirt that makes them look like a lower division Italian side.  A most fetching kit, to be sure….

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