Support This Project! 2013/14 Season Compendium Kindle Book Now Available – For Less Than £2!

2014-04-06 12.31.36

Hello all,

I’ll be starting my WORLD CUP as-I-watch blogs tonight, but in the meantime do please check out the ebook I’ve just put up on the Kindle Store.  For less than £2 you can have the reports I wrote on all 26 matches I watched during 2013/14, plus loads of extra stuff.

You’d be helping me get to even more games next season – and if you download it and enjoy it, tell some more people, leave a review and spread the word.  I’d be eternally grateful!

Thank you so much.  Here’s the link: CLICK HERE FOR MY LITTLE EBOOK (Not little, over 100,000 words)!


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