The Football Neutral: Match Twenty Nine – Bury vs Plymouth Argyle

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…I also remember Bury were sponsored once by Birthdays, the card shop that I believe was once owned by Bryan Robson.  The pastel logo on the front of the shirt didn’t exactly fit in with their rugged northern image, and yet I’d kill for one of those shirts now.  I do love a strange sponsor on a shirt.  Takes me back to my days reading 90 Minutes every week.  Here are some of my favourites:

CLYDEBANK – Sponsored by Wet Wet Wet – Being sponsored by a band is pretty cool (Newport County were briefly sponsored by Goldie Looking Chain, I’m sure) but when it’s one of the most insipid bands to ever darken the charts then it’s really not very rock and roll. My childhood felt haunted by Love Is All Around, and even being addicted to heroin couldn’t make Marti Pellow become a badass frontman.

CLUB MEXICO – Sponsored by Bimbo – Apparently a bakery, Bimbo sponsor a lot of Latin American teams.  I cannot see it without giggling.

FC NURNBURG – Sponsored by Mister Lady – I own this shirt!  A local clothing company, it doesn’t stop it being hilarious in the extreme.  I like to think they had a radio advert with the jingle set to Jimi Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady”.

BRIGHTON – Sponsored by Nobo – Ha! Their shirt said nob! …

Remember, to read the rest of this post from last season you can pick up my eBook for less than £3. 24 matches, many thousands of miles travelled. Thanks!



5 thoughts on “The Football Neutral: Match Twenty Nine – Bury vs Plymouth Argyle

  1. Bury fan here, must have been sat fairly near you with my Daughter (who did NOT have a shellsuit on). Really enjoyed your review and it is nice to hear that a nuetral recognised the passion us Bury fans have for our club. A well written and witty article. The only thing I didn’t like was your ott view on the Malky textgate.

  2. Well I don’t like Malky Mackay because his first name is too similar to his surname and he looks like the sort of person who would be nice as pie with other people around but then would lean in and whisper things like “I will fuck you up” when he was sure no-one else could hear.
    I missed Saturdays game as I was busy swearing at a curtain pole that wouldn’t put itself up, so thanks for the neutral view. I always assumed non-Bury fans thought we were rubbish.

  3. Pleased with this review of a Gigg Lane, a very close observation to my own. The lad in the shell suit I am prity sure is a lad I work with. Yes he is a Shaker through n through!

    I only recently became interested in football, and being able to access my local club with a realistic family affordable ticket structure was one major factor. Bury FC and their new owner have been promoting the traditional football atmosphere, for everyone, and I think they are doing a great job!

    Your review was quite a read, but it was worth it. Many thanks!

  4. Long old poke when you live 1 hour the other side of Plymouth. Up and on at 3.30am, on the mini bus at half 4 and arrived in Bury just before 12pm. Home again just before midnight. And a 2v1 defeat as standard!!

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