The Football Neutral: Match Thirty One – AFC Telford United vs Dover Athletic

2014-09-06 14.40.48

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…Upon arriving in Telford I paid to park at a nearby college (£3) and then walked the short distance to the New Buck’s Head Stadium.  It’s not, incidentally, in Telford – instead it’s in nearby Wellington. As I queued to stand on the David Hutchinson Stand I was behind two guys in their late forties.  One turned to the other and said “eeh, is that a new top?”.  I don’t think any of my mates have ever noticed what I’m wearing, unless it was to tell me that I looked like a prick.

The concourse area is adorned with excellent graffiti on most of the walls, presumably commissioned by the club themselves.  With the stadium being fairly new (opened in 2003), it adds a bit of character to the place.  In general, it’s a decent little ground that doesn’t feel like a new build arena like so many places do.  The slightly curved stand roofs and the three sides of terracing make it feel a little bit different.  I would certainly have liked to have seen the old place as well though, I’m a sucker for an old stadium. So few of them are left now.

I bought myself a burger, forgoing the chips that everyone else seemed to be eating based on my long standing theory that chips from within football stadiums are never very nice.  They were certainly getting through them, as I queued I watched a girl behind the counter empty two bags of frozen chips into the deep fat fryer that we could all see (and hear) bubbling away.  I should have bought the chips.  I should have realised that gravy OR curry sauce were FREE. But no, I got a burger.  I think I did, anyway.

Imagine a standard sized floury bun.  That isn’t the issue.  Then imagine the smallest burger that you can put in there, like someone has flattened a meatball with a spoon and cooked it.  That’s what I got.  The bread to meat ratio should be 50:50. This was 90:10.  I have never eaten such a tiny burger.  And all the time whilst I’m trying to enjoy it, people are walking past me with massive portions of chips covered in gravy.  Next time I buy food in a stadium I am going to watch what everyone else buys first, that’s for sure….

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