The Football Neutral: Match Forty Three – Clapton FC vs Basildon United

2015-03-14 17.03.26

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…When the teams came out the first thing I noticed is that both keepers were unbelievably short and moderately tubby.  Hey, I’m not exactly a marathon runner when it comes to my waistline, but it did make things seem more surreal; almost like we were watching a Sunday league team but with fans that wouldn’t be out of place in the Bundesliga or Serie A.

I have never heard so many brilliant songs before.  I struggled to note them all down, as every couple of minutes there was another brilliant one.  The first one to get my interest was rather wonderfully set to the tune of Anarchy In The UK, and that set the tone (and tune) for 90 minutes of singing constantly.

More examples:

“Jamie Lyndon is massive” sang to the tune of MC Vapour’s Jungle Is Massive.  Yep.  Really.  That set the standard.

“I wanna take you to the Old Dog” sang to the tune of Electric Six’s Gay Bar.

Songs for various players set to songs by Cyndi Lauper and Joy Division.

Oh yeah, and a club song set to the theme of The Littlest Hobo.

All of the above happened in the first five minutes, and my smile was only made broader by the aforementioned Lyndon putting Clapton 1-0 up.  I’d love to describe the goal for you, but I barely saw it as the celebrations around me started just before the ball crossed the line.

The atmosphere then got turned up even more, and by the 15th minute it was 2-0 when Shamari Barnwell scored.  The Ultras were delighted.  I couldn’t help thinking what it must be like to play in front of them, surely it’s a massive boost to any player of any level to have that kind of vocal backing.  I know one of the things we’re proud of at our PROGRESS Wrestling shows is the atmosphere and how it seems to always bring the best performances out of the guys that work for us, I really hope it’s the same for the Clapton players.  Not everyone at their level is playing in front of crowds like that.  In fact, let’s be honest, the only time ANYONE at their level is playing in front of crowds like that is when they visit the Old Spotted Dog….

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